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I coach realtors, small  business owners  and corporate leaders to grow their business in innovative, creative and soundly practical ways.

Working with me, you’ll become unstoppable – making more money and getting  where you want to go more easily.

If any of the following are true for you, I invite you to contact me and discover what’s possible:


• You’re ready to break free of the barriers that are holding you back
• You’re frustrated, know you have a lot more in you and you’re not getting there on your own
• You feel alone in your business and would benefit from a confidential thinking partnership
• You need help to ease  your workload and you’re not sure how to get it
• You lack of confidence and self-doubt, anxiety or fear are holding you back
• You’re overwhelmed, disorganized and tired of doing everything by yourself
• You long for more time with your family without sacrificing your business goals
• You want  to be a better leader and create a higher performing team
Where are you now? Where do you want to go?


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FACING CRISIS – Don’t let fear keep you stuck

Not long ago, a client called me, upset about a looming business crisis. She was afraid. A competitor had taken some steps that threated my client’s market share.  She was really reactive and bottom line—she very afraid of a potentially large income loss. She wanted...

5 ways to maintain momentum this year

5 ways to maintain momentum and achieve more success this year 1. Roadmap It – You Need a Plan What gets written gets done and helps you find your way. It will also help you maintain focus so you stay on the path, avoid detours and pitfalls/distractions, which are the...

Is a blind spot stalling your business? 

Busting roadblocks to your business success There’s a saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.” And, “Until I knew better, I could not do better.” Blind spots are one of the key things that hold business owners back. Some signs you may have a blind spot: The same...

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